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Ponysona's Pokemon form.
Xerntch by Pokemonmaster704
Bloodrai by Pokemonmaster704
Commission for Ravenslpash26, Ravuno by Pokemonmaster704
Another Commission for ZombieGurrrl, Fly Triad by Pokemonmaster704
Commission Zombiegurrrl, Pitch Trichu by Pokemonmaster704
Commission for TheTrueSurvivor, Survivizor by Pokemonmaster704
 Ok, well i just think its fun for me to draw ponies with pokemon detail! That would mean i would mix your ponysona with a pokemon, of your choice, and it will be uploaded to the group PokePony-RP. Also Depending on pokemon you pick, the price will change.
:bulletgreen: Friends get this commission for free
:bulletgreen: You're allowed to have more that one of this commission
:bulletgreen: You can have more than OC per picture
:bulletgreen: You may use same pokemon twice
:bulletgreen: You're allowed to draw their Pokepony forms as long as its your OC
:bulletred: No taking this idea
:bulletred: No taking others  Pokepony OCs

pony OC shipping/ friendship
Commission for Flutti by Pokemonmaster704
Commission for FinePrint-MLP by Pokemonmaster704
i will draw your OC shipped with another pony or with another OC just not shipped, it can be OCxOC or OCxCANON.. and for friend ship it can be OC and OC or CANON and OC... thats all :3
Wow I haven't updated stuff in forever. Well hello watchers! It's good to talk to ya again! Even though u don't talk... I just wanted to share some new things happening here!
For starters, I've decided that I'll upload WAY more often! But, not on any particular day. Because, I can't even stay on my promises saying "I'll upload every weekend" And I feel terrible for it. So I upload whenever I like! Which will be often! 
Also, I've gone back to my geekypokedorknerd life again. So Pokemon will be something you'll begin to see, again! I've also started doing Gijinka,"most often a fan re-design of an animal-like character in a human or humanoid form."
Which I enjoy doing! Even though my Gijinka'a aren't the best...
Finally, I'm doing an ask on DA!
Ask me! by Pokemonmaster704
You can go and ask my ponysona aka me, whatever you please! Heck you can dare as well! I just really want some questions and dares! Plus, you might be seeing other characters in my ask, including ponififed characters! Like my Senpais! 
Well, that's all my updates for now. And thank you guys for +60 watchers! 

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United States <- This is my ask blog for tumblr!
Hi! I'm Blade Sketch! But you can just call me Sketch! Anyway, I decided to shorten this Bio of stamps and buttons because I felt like it was too long. So welcome to my DA page! If you wish to talk or have a commission/request please don't be shy and just say something!

GIMP Stamp by SparkLumI'm A Gamer Stamp by TwilightProwlerLibra Stamp by mylastelVideo Game Music by Komali100


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